Aarhus 2017, as wonderful as it could get

Perhaps at this point in time you might have already realized that a logo of Aarhus 2017 has invaded every corner of the city, the asphalt has been stamped with it and every webpage Aarhus-related makes a special mention to it. However, it is very important for us to continue spreading the word out regarding the unprecedented event that will take place in this city during the current year.

Aarhus has being appointed as the European Capital of Culture 2017, meaning that during all year round everyone living and visiting this magic city will have the chance to experience the broadest cultural calendar of events this region has ever seen. As explained by the organizers Aarhus is celebrating “the “folkelige” traditions and the newest that culture can deliver in Art, Theatre, Dance, Music, Literature and artisanal practices such as Gastronomy, Architecture and Design”.

So in case you are still not very acquainted with the concept, we invite you very much to read about it and find how many of your interests will have a special date in this calendar.

And now, in case you haven’t ever been to Aarhus, or you are not decided yet to do it, then let us tell you THIS IS THE TIME TO DO IT!

Let’s Rethink

Aarhus 2017 is developed around the concept “Let’s Rethink”. This theme not only shapes the main course of this particular year, but as the organizers explain “it is a mindset for change, innovation and courage, a progressive way of thinking and acting smarter”.

This initiative aims to “transform the Central Denmark Region to a cultural laboratory, where alternative solutions can grow”, meaning that every single individual that belongs to it can actively help to build up that goal by rethinking on the actual challenges the global society is facing.

Every event of Aarhus 2017 wishes to create a movement of change from all the citizens interested in leaving behind a “meaningful legacy”.

Must Read

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