Active summer holidays in Aarhus and surrounding areas

The long and fun summer holidays have officially started as the children have now stopped their classes in order to enjoy some quality time with the families. However, for many parents, specially those who work, these times can be challenging as they find the right activities to keep them entertained. Sometimes it might be hard to find the right one that matches their interests, their age range or the location that suits the family best.

So in order to solve these problems the city of Aarhus, as well as many others in the entire country, has created an incredible program for all families with children living or studying in a private or public school of this municipality, so they can attend endless activities throughout this awesome period. Find additional links to other municipalities at the end.

What is there to know

All the activities planned for the weeks 26 to 32 and which are found in their program are free to attend and are targeted specifically to children that are attending classes from the 0. to the 8. grade.

The participation of your child will exclusively depend on the grade (age range) he/she was before the summer vacation and the proper registration before each of the events (when necessary).

The city has focused on offering a wide range of professionally organized holiday activities where there is permanent presence of adults taking responsibility for their safety.

Practical information

  • Find the complete program for activities in the city of Aarhus here.
  • Note that the guide is in Danish and all the activities will be too, nonetheless we believe most activities will be open for children with different backgrounds and knowledge in English.
  • Contact Abir Saleh, Sport & Leisure, on the telephone 8940 4843 or email in case you need further information about the activities or the participation of international children.
  • All the equipment needed for any of these activities will be borrowed at the site where it takes place.
  • In case there are further questions regarding a specific event or the registration process please get in touch with the association, club or institution organizing the activity.

Note that this information is exclusively for the municipality of Aarhus. However most of the municipalities around this area will offer similar programs for children and families during this period.

The following links will provide you general information about some of the other programs offered:

Randers Municipality 
Skanderborg Municipality 
Silkeborg Municipality
Aalborg Municipality 
Vejle Municipality
Herning Municipality 

Happy summer to all families!

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