Expecting parents in Denmark: All there is to know

Taking into consideration that the adaptation and well being of the incoming families to this Danish region are two of our top priorities with our daily work, we are now happy to announce that My Danish Family has partnered up with Spouse Community Aarhus with the aim of gathering as much information as possible related to a serie of topics relevant to parents, families and children in this region.

Together we hope to give you a number of practical tools, information and recommendations on usual situations you might face while residing here.

At this particular moment we have started a new special for the mothers and fathers to-be, hoping that many of your inquiries and doubts can be solved as you walk down the wonderful path of parenthood. We invite you to read the following articles in case you wonder about these topics:

Pregnancy in Denmark: the basics

Giving birth in Denmark: what to expect

Post birth in Denmark: what comes ahead

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