April: Easter celebrations, theme parks, events and much more

With the arrival of sunnier days, the city of Aarhus and other surrounding areas begin to awake after the long winter. The calendar of events for the coming weeks is already filled with amazing activities for you and your family. And how couldn’t it be since there are very special celebrations during the easter week, some of the major theme parks in this region open doors for the season and countless of activities, part of Aarhus 2017, are more and more recurrent than before.

Check the following guide and prepare your family calendar for great weeks ahead!

Easter/ Påske

Due to the fact that this period is indeed highly celebrated by many Danish families, do not be surprised that by the time you want to join an event or invite someone to do an activity with you, the dates are already taken. Danes enjoy these following weeks with easter lunches or ‘påskefrokost’, egg hunts, a short holiday and/or lots and lots of ‘hygge’ with their closed ones.

Remember most schools and daycares are closed during this period, reason why many parents also decide to take some days-off from work to fully enjoy some quality time together with the entire family.

So, in case you are wondering which big events you can join during the period of the 8th and 17th of April we recommend you the following:

Activities at Den Gamle By 

The magnificent open air museum located near the center of Aarhus, will have a great variety of activities meant for children and families during these holidays. Their program includes activities to make the traditional easter eggs, the Danish tradition of the ‘gækkebrev’ and much more.

Read more information about it here.

Experience Easter at Skovmøllen at Moesgaard Museum

Visit one of the most magical places in Aarhus, where the forest meets the sea and where one of the most extraordinary museums in the city is located. During the Easter week, visitors will be able to enjoy several activities to celebrate this occasion as they experience moments from the old times.

Read more information about it here.

Easter at the Natural History Museum 

During the same period you can come every day from 10am to 5pm to this top family museum, located in the University Park,  and enjoy a great variety of activities for children and families. They promise a program full of fun, interesting facts and lots of new knowledge around this celebration.

Read more information about it here.

The theme parks open their doors

After being closed for several months, while the dark and cold winter visited these lands, two of the most iconic amusements parks in this region open their doors so visitors can start enjoying this new sunny season to its fullest.


No introduction needed to the park made out of the worldwide known pieces of LEGO. The important tip is they are offering half price entrance during their opening day on April 1st, plus other good options when buying online.

Check their offers here.

Tivoli Friheden 

The oldest amusement park of region, located by the woods of Southern Aarhus also joins this occasion, doing its season opening on April 8th.

Check their opening hours and other info here.

Aarhus 2017 is on!

The more weeks we are into this year, the more wonderful events that one can find around the city of Aarhus. And no surprise, since the calendar of events for this European Cultural Year is on full speed now.

Some of the highlights for children and families during this coming month of April are:

My Playground, Senses of Cities, Night Light and Route 15.

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