Autumn in Denmark

As the official beginning of fall approaches on Sept. 22nd, many long faces start to appear, specially among the international community which already starts missing the Danish summer. Perhaps temperatures during these last months weren’t the best and yes, rain was a constant, however the long and shinny days are something new comers miss the first as the fall and colder months slowly approach.

The good news, is that this season that is about to start has also a lot of charm waiting for it to be discovered. So please, get yourself a dosis of good attitude, some good sweaters or jackets and someone to enjoy this time with.

The Nature

One of the best highlights to enjoy in Denmark during this period is its outdoors. Nature welcomes everyone visiting or living in the different regions in the country by giving quite an spectacle of colour, sightseeing and endless opportunities to discover.

The skies acquire an impressive palette, reason why an extraordinary activity to do is to find yourself a beach or a high spot to watch the unforgettable sunsets. However, if this is not your thing and perhaps you are more in the active side then a walk, run or stroll in any of the forests around will definitely catch your attention. I assure you once the leaves turn yellow these places turn into magical landscapes difficult to forget.

Additionally to this romantic side of autumn, you will be able to enjoy a second batch of harvesting, which is always a great activity for both adults and children. During this time of the year you’ll be able to pick your own apples, plums, nuts, mushrooms and potatoes. Check this site for more information about where and when to do it.

The Holidays

Even though it might seem a bit rushed to talk again about holidays, when the long summer break has just ended, during weeks 41 and 42 schools around Denmark hold a fall break, known in the old times as kartoffelferien or the potato week. And even though children today are not given a break as a compensation for all the potatoes being harvested, it is indeed a very well used holiday period by most families in the biggest cities.

These couple of weeks enable many to either enjoy a great time in the Danish surroundings or go abroad to enjoy one last batch of sun before the long winter begins few weeks after that. So, in case this is your first fall break in Denmark, and you have children at home, it is always a good idea to start planning yourself some activities for these days ahead.

Check the calendars of the main highlights of your city such as libraries, museums and parks as most of them hold special arrangements for these dates or ,in case you are into travelling, plan ahead and find great holiday packages many Danish websites promote for the fall break.

The Food

For sure the change won’t be mind blowing for many regarding the Danish gastronomy, however with the arrival of the apples, the mushrooms and the potatoes new dishes start to appear, making the windy and chilly days a bit warmer. Also in a way, preparing your palate for the flavours of christmas.

Although at the time being I haven’t got the best recipes to share with you, you might be able to start seeing around a lot of pork with potatoes and sauces, just like a wide variety of pastry and desserts made with apples. And in case you get to cross yourself with a kartoffelsuppe med porrer og bacon, a potato soup with leek and bacon, make sure to give it a try as it is for sure a very traditional, easy and tasteful Danish dish you’ll enjoy for sure.

The Weather

Last but not least, and perhaps a bit of a controversial topic, the autumn in Denmark has a very nice weather that enables you to still enjoy a wide variety of activities before the real cold and dryness arrives. Yes it isn’t sunny or warm and perhaps it is more windy and wet than many would prefer, but as mentioned in the beginning just get yourself some nice and warm sweaters, some comfy rain boots and jacket and you’ll be set to go.

The fall in Denmark is just a short introduction to the winter hygge. So why not just enjoy those last rays of light while doing many of the activities that were on the table for the last month?


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