Baby and Children Items

Learn the best ways to shop for babies and children items in Aarhus.

But first do not get fool by the size of the city, this area is full of a great offer for families. Be sure to get a general idea of all the options there are before hurrying to a single place to buy all you need.

With practice, you’ll be mastering all the shopping of the family in no time.

These are undoubtedly the places most people will reach out first as variety is good and most surely access is too.

In Aarhus and its surrounding areas you’ll be able to find Baby Sam, Pixizoo, Ønskebørn and Kære Børn, among other stores dedicated to these products. These stores will offer you the biggest range of items for babies and children, including big products as strollers, prams and car seats to smaller things like toys, cutlery and clothes.

Nonetheless, more general retail stores like Magasin and Salling, will have a very variated offer of toys, clothes and books that is worth considering.

As a rule, most parents love discounts on good quality products. Under this light Denmark appears as a really great place to find very accessible prices on brands that usually are on the top range of the market. Specially considering this society is very driven by high quality Scandinavian design products, which most surely are not within the budget of many families coming from distant lands who aren’t very much related to this thinking.

On the first place you can keep an eye on special events such as, Børnebazaar, that happen on a specific date every year, where many good brands and stores get together in a fair to offer quality products at reduced price.

The second recommendation would be to follow the websites and/or social media accounts of those favourite brands of the family. Look out for the word ‘lagersalg’ or ’tilbud’ as they mean outlet and sale, respectively. Many brands/shop will make a couple of days events in a random locations, where you can go and buy some of the old collections for really good deals.

Last but not least buy on online stores. Denmark has an overwhelming offer of online shops for children’s toys, clothes and products. Most of the times, prices will be more affordable when doing it this way. And in case language isn’t a barrier, you can consider buying through other stores outside Denmark. Shipping options are good and the savings can be significant.

The market of reused items in Denmark is larger than it could be expected. From the mobile app Reshopper, the online platform DBA and other countless Facebook groups, families interested in this type of shopping will be able to find every single item needed on the second hand market, at incredibly low prices.

An interesting observation of this, is that even though they might be sold as ‘second hand’, many items found at these platforms are new, used once or even only washed/unpacked. As parents, this is a situation that isn’t that uncommon, specially when considering how fast children grow. There will be always plenty of items that are worth passing to others.

Taking into consideration that buying second hand items is widely accepted here, you’ll be also able to find flea markets all year round, called ‘loppermarket’. Some of them will be of general items, but some others will be organized solely to buy, sell or swap children and family items.

  • Clothes in major supermarkets and other products

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