Baby Lounges

Mark in your map the special places where you and your small children can make a pit stop around the city for a feed, a snack or simply a quiet time.

These Baby Lounges found in some special spots of the city highlight the importance given to the family in the Danish society. It is particularly respected that time dedicated by each individual to its household and family members. So lets find them, sit and enjoy of some quality time.

Bruun’s Galleri

Located in the 7th floor of this mall, at the Main Train Station of Aarhus, this baby lounge offers families the chance to have a wonderful pause with their babies and children while having a great view of the city.

It offers several couches and chairs, microwaves, high chairs, small play area and toilets with changing options.

To access be sure to pass by the information desk at the mall in order to get an access card.


Without a doubt a must-visit when having children under 5 years old and in need of a pit stop right in the middle of the city.

This baby/children lounge is located in the 3rd floor of this retail store in the walking street of Aarhus. Besides offering the same services as the last one, it is characterized by its playing area, offer a great variety of toys to spend some nice time together.


Just like the others, this retail store also offers a small yet very practical baby lounge.

It is mostly thought as a place for mothers with small children in order to feed and change diapers while doing some shopping, but also very useful in case you need a pit stop while in the middle of the city.

This place is located in the 3rd floor, right in the middle of the city by Lille Torv.

Storcenter Nord

This mall located in the northern side of the city offers its visitors a renewed baby lounge area in the third floor.

Access is through the elevator located next to the Netto. In this area families will find a quite place to take a break from the shopping or the playing in the jungle area of the mall. It offers both the seats for baby feeding and the tables, chairs and microwaves for a toddler snack.

Dokk1 – Feeding and Eating Rooms

In the level 2.2 of the Main Library of Aarhus you will find a special place for breast/bottle feed small children, a family eating area as well as family toilets.

Be sure to read more about this special place, because I’m sure if it is the first time you come by, you will do much more than just a pit stop for your children.

  • By signing up to the Baby Lounge Club at Bruun’s Galleri you’ll get access to a great variety of discounts in several shops at the mall.
  • You do not need to buy anything from the stores where some of the lounges are located. They are meant to offer their services to every parent in town.
  • All of them have microwaves to warm bottles or food.
  • Strollers and prams can be taken to these places. There are special parking spots in the area. is meant to grow on permanent basis, meaning if there is any information you consider relevant to add, or any comments regarding the existing one, we would love to hear about it. So shoot us a message on our social media or an email at, we’ll be ready to answer.

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