Babypakker: Free baby products for new parents in Denmark

Yes, you read it right! You can actually get a lot of free baby products when becoming a new parent in Denmark.

Long maternity/paternity leaves, exceptional facilities around the cities for small children and a very accepting society towards the family setting aren’t enough when we discuss the advantages of growing your family in this country. Additionally to all these amazing and even unmeasurable benefits new parents in Denmark can also benefit from acquiring from some of the biggests supermarkets and stores around the country the ‘babypakker’ or ‘baby boxes’, filled up with tons of very useful products.

What exactly are they

Most of these boxes are filled with samples of the products you can find at that particular store, and the best of it is that is for free for all the families who wants them. Some few of them will require you to become a member of their clubs or subscription, whereas most of them will only request your email address and contact information in order to send you the confirmation to be able to pick the package at a determined location and if allowed by the family to send some other interesting information about this new period of your life.

Baby boxes as October 2017

BabySam – Libero diapers, bottles, creams and samples for breastfeeding mothers, feeding item and several gift cards. Note that this package can be order with or without the diaper trashcan of Angel Care.

Matas – At this time they only have the mom’s package which is meant for those who sign up for the Club Matas Mamma. Wellness products such as a hand cream, foot balsam and face tonic can be obtained.

Føtex – A nice and complete package including a reusable shopping bag, an organic cotton onsie, diaper trash bags, a diapers package, nappy cream and wet wipes from Levevis and a pacifier from their brand Vores. Note that you can also request a gift for your older child in case there is.

Tena – Even though their products are meant for adult incontinence, you can ask for a sample of one of their women pads or diapers in order to be used after giving birth.

Rema1000 – Another very complete starting package including a reusable shopping bag, a package of regular diapers, wet wipes, swimming diapers, foam washcloths, pacifier, antiallergenic shampoo, a teddy bear and information on feeding habits and recommendations.

Lidl – One more reusable shopping bag filled with an organic onsie, wet wipes, a diaper package and small samples of Zinc cream, body cream and shampoo.

Fakta – This baby box is also one of the most complete ones with a great variety of 365 Coop products such as diapers, bed mat, foam washcloths, wet wipes, cotton swabs, diaper trash bags, pacifier, small samples of Zinc cream, body lotion, shampoo and body wash and lastly a sample of their antiallergenic washing machine powder.

Libero – This diaper brand will also give you a sample of their new line ‘Touch’.

Name it – This Danish brand of children clothing will give your little one an outfit for their arrival together with a soft toy.


BabySam safety box  – Differs from the baby box and contains several safety products and information. It can be order only when the child is between 6 and 9 months old.

Gyldendals – This baby gift is only for members only and parents can choose between a book or a baby blanket.

Super Brugsen – This one can also be order by members of Coop, which is the same as Kvickly’s.

Photo Care – An unusual baby gift that includes the order of a photo album of your little one.

Naturebaby – This baby package its the newest and was ‘sold-out’ seconds after being announced since it contains several organic and natural products both for the mother and the baby.

As a personal experience I can assure you it is absolutely worth signing up for these packages and picking them all up. It will give you a good idea about the products you can find in the market and make a decision with regards which ones you will continue buying for the coming months. Also, in case of collecting them all be sure that you won’t need to purchase anything else at least for several weeks.

Take a look at all the products in this Instagram post, but note that these are dated October of 2017. I’m sure alterations and variations will happen with time so in case they differ from what is posted here it’s due to decisions of each shop.

In case you know about any other promotion be sure to let me know, the more the merrier!

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