Danish strawberries, time to pick them up

Let’s just admit it, Danish summer is magnificent once it has decided to finally settle. Long, warm and sunny days, endless trips to the playgrounds or the beaches around, making barbecues or a bonfires, meals in your own garden or picnics at the park are some of the wonders this time of the year brings to everyone living around here.

But there is one additional thing about summer in Denmark everyone is crazy about and that is the ‘Dansk jordbær’, in other words the Danish strawberries. Most people will say that these are by far the best you can ever taste in your life, and they aren’t lying. Not only the taste is something that characterizes this local fruit, but it is a whole cultural aspect around them that makes them so special.

The time for you to taste and pick them up has arrived

In Denmark buying and eating strawberries has a whole different meaning. Once the season has started you can see all-over small carton boxes filled with red and juicy strawberries. And yes, many people will simply keep the traditions by buying them at the local stores or in a near farmers market, but some others decide to take this experience one step forward and make a whole trip to the countryside to pick them up themselves.

Every year many farmers open their fields so the public can come with their own baskets and collect the strawberries that have just grown. The only thing needed is your own basket and a good pair of helping hands such as your partner, your children or a bunch of friends.

WE assure you this will be an unforgettable experience, specially to those that haven’t done it before or for young children who will be able to do tastings along the way.  However, we recommend everyone to come with an empty stomach as the tasting is for everyone.


The following is some information about a couple of places around Aarhus area. In case you want further information about other fields around Midtjylland or other regions in Denmark please check the website Pluk Selv Frugt.

  • Holger’s Jordbær. Season starts on June 21 at 10:00

    • Clemensvej 6, 8530 Hjortshøj
    • 20 minutes from city center (by car)
    • Bus 12 (to Mejlby). Bus stop: Bendstrup. Mejlbyvej/Clemensvej
    • Opens everyday from 10-18.
    • Entrance fee: 20kr/adult, 10kr/child
    • Price per kilo: 12kr/ ½ kilo
    • With 6 different kinds of strawberries.
    • Now you are in the área, you can visit Oplev Parken, as you get a discount when you come strawberry picking. oplevparken.dk
    • Visit the web: http://holgers.net/
  • Baltzergården
    • Århusvej 57, Hinnerup, Søften
    • 30 mins from city center (by car)
    • Bus 200 (to Rylevej). Bus stop: Holmelundsvej/Saturnvej
    • Visit the web: http://baltzergaarden.dk/


These are some basic recommendations we want to share with you in order to make your experience a memorable one.

  • Use sunscreen and a hat. Remember you’ll be out in the fields and there are not many trees or shade.
  • Look at the forecast so you know how to dress and if you need to bring a rain suit or a jacket. Also bring comfortable and adequate shoes. It can be very muddy if it has rained the night/day before.
  • If you are coming with small babies bring a carrier or a wrap to use while you are picking up the strawberries. You cannot go with the pram around the fields. It is also a good idea to have a bug repellent for the small ones.
  • Don´t forget your water bottle. The sun plus the constant strawberry tasting can make you very thirsty.
  • Don’t forget your own containers, else you’ll have to buy them there.
  • Be careful and don’t step on the plants! Remember there are others coming after you.
  • Only collect what you are going to eat. Be conscious and don’t waste food. Better to make another trip before the season is over

Now you are ready and set to go! Remember that as the season has just began there are plenty to pick up, but don’t wait to long. These delicious strawberries go very fast as they become a very important part of the Danish households and cuisine. Some of the most known recipes for this time of the year will be the famous Danish jordbærtarte (strawberry tart), jordbær med fløde (strawberries and cream), jordbærtrifli (strawberry trifle with macarons), strawberry marmalade and strawberry saftevand (strawberry concentrate).

So give it a go, collect them, eat them, freeze them and explore your culinary skills with the best Danish strawberries you’ll ever find.

About the author:
Maria Teresa Rocha Vidaurri
Mother of 3 and teacher at Escuelita Latinoamericana (Aarhus, Denmark)

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