Extracurricular Activities

Find new activities you and your family can do together in order to take a break from the daily routine, be it exercise or simply for having a great time.

The offer of extracurricular activities in the city of Aarhus and surrounding areas is quite broad. The following are some general ideas of the institutions and types of activities you might be looking for in your local area.

Swimming Halls 

Without a doubt a very popular activity for families all around Denmark. The swimming halls found all over the municipality offer extraordinary locations where all the family can enjoy a wonderful time. Most of this will have a special area for babies and an additional one for toddlers with all the necessary elements for their safety and recreation.

The main ones are Gellerupbadet, Badeanstalten Spanien, Aarhus Svømmestadion and Lyseng Svømmebad.  Find all the information about them here.

Gymnastics and Dancing 

For sure another popular request from parents with small children, who are full of energy and ready to learn new skills.

The following are some of the organizations you can contact in order to find if they offer what you are looking for: Filuren, Springcenter Aarhus, SkovbakkenLetsDance, VMDans and FitFamily.

Music and rhythm 

Introducing children to music has proven to be a wonderful tool for their integral development. In Aarhus families are able to find different options in order to enjoy musical moments together.

The biggest organization offering the greatest variety of classes for children of all ages is the Aarhus Music School (Aarhus Musikskole), other private organizations such as Musikskolen Laura, Musikskolen Musika or Din Musikskole can also provide you with what you are looking for.

Ice Skating Ring

If you and your family are coming from countries where this sport isn’t really a thing, then this is the time to try it out. However, if you are already experiences with it, then it is also the perfect location to practice and have a good time with all your family members.

This skating ring offers a great variety of activities all year round, from free practice, disco parties for children, the possibility of holding birthday celebrations and more. Read all about it here.

DGI Huset Aarhus 

It is the biggest organization in the city offering a broad variety of activities and courses to the entire family.

Members can access different sport and fitness classes such as yoga, badminton and spining, as well as access the gymnastics hall. Every Saturday and Sunday families can enjoy of a great time together rolling, jumping and running around in this spacious location, equipped with trampolines, ropes and all the other elements needed to make it a wonderful experience. Read more about it here.

Source: DGI-huset.dk

FOF Aarhus 

This Danish organization provides the residents of Aarhus and surrounding areas the opportunity to access the biggest offer of non-formal education courses.

Although most of these courses are aimed for the adult audience, in their catalogue you’ll be able to find some activities for the entire family such as fitness and yoga. Be sure to check them all out as it is without a doubt a great opportunity to find a fit for all tastes.

  • Multi-ticket passes are a very common practice in Denmark. So before you select your type of payment be sure to ask in the organization you are about to visit if they offer any other options than one-time payments. Most of them will give you the opportunity to purchase several at the same time, reducing considerably the overall price of such activity.
  • With regards to swimming halls, be sure to read the hygiene and general rules of these facilities in order to avoid any inconvenience at the time of using their premises.
  • There are many other organizations offering family oriented activities, specially those related to mothers and small children. Be sure to ask around for some of these options. They might be offered in a local clinic or as an additional activity within a bigger business.
  • Dokk1 sometimes offer in its calendar a day of music and rhythm. Be sure to keep updated with our calendar so you don’t miss the chance to try it once.
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