Get ready for the Daylight Saving Time

Spring is by far the most expected season of the year.  And honestly how couldn’t it be since basically we are saying goodbye to the gloomy wintery days and we are welcoming with arms wide open those sunny, bright and green days that will characterize the following months?

Yet, there are some very minor things that will have to be taken care off, before we jump into the new season. They are some small challenges that might not be evident to the eye of everyone, since they are mostly faced by parents of small babies and children.

Time to change the clock!

For the vast majority of the adult population, the change of time is perhaps one of the most wonderful things that happen around this period as the short and dark days are becoming a thing of the past and the long and brighter days are ahead of the road. However, for a week time parents around the world will have some adjustments to make before joining the celebration.

What happens:

On March 25th at 2:00am, clocks shall turn forward one hour. From this day, small children will technically wake up one hour later than they usually did and hence would like to go to bed on hour later that they are used to.

For example if your child usually wakes up every day at 6:30am and goes to bed at 7:oopm then after March 25th he/she will wake up approximately at 7:30am and will go to bed at 8:00pm. However, for many parents it is important to keep constant routines in order to make it through the day, get to school/work on time, attend the extra activities and much more.

It worth to note that a big portion of the population will go through it without even noticing, but unfortunately for some this slight shift in the clock can turn into a snowball effect of tiredness, crankiness and interruption of well stablished routines.

What to do:

If you have experienced it before, in case this is the first time with your baby or if you wonder if it could be done in a more easy way, then we highly recommend to do some small adjustments before this day.

The main advise given is that a week before March 25th you move backwards 10 to 30 minutes per day all the sleeping times, until you complete the full hour that will change.

So, for the case above, you can begin to put your child to bed before March 26th a bit earlier everyday until he/she is falling asleep as close to 6:00pm as possible. The effect of this will be that your child will also wake up a bit earlier everyday. Off course, you can decide also to do it the other way around, beginning to wake up your child every morning a bit earlier so they will be a bit more tired during the afternoon, making the bedtime an easier process to adjust.

This adjustment can be also done for the nap times, specially with small children. For bigger ones, that attend daycare, might be a bit different considering the schedules at every institution. However, it might be worth taking to the caretakers in case you know it might helpful for your family.

Worth to try 

There are many households that do not take any active approach to this change of time, perhaps because children do not notice or because it really isn’t within priorities. However,  waking up children at the new normal time and letting them go to bed when tired late at night means they are getting less total hours of rest per day. An hour of sleep in small children has a big effect on their daily performance and hence their general attitude towards any activity they are involved throughout the day, among many other medical benefits for their development.

Reason why we recommend you to do a small step and implement this technique as it will allow your child to transition into the new schedule without any dramatic shift.



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