Find a wide range of specialized grocery stores and supermarkets.

It is indeed a tendency to remain loyal to certain shops and supermarkets due to your personal or your family’s preferences. However, do not let yourself be attached to a specific one just because it is across your house/office.

Explore all the other options you can find around the city as you will certainly be surprised by the great variety there is among the different shops/stores where you can do the groceries for your family. Happy cooking!

In the Aarhus area you’ll be able to find most of the biggest chain supermarkets that are available in Denmark. Most surely you will have the chance to access a couple or more of them in your local area, reason why is always recommended to visit them to see how variated the offer of products are.

The offer of products is very similar in all of them, however note that the self-owned brands of each of these stores are strong in the market. Meaning the prices and quality of these brands are very competitive and attractive to the costumer. A good recommendation for parents is to take a look at the wipes, diapers and clothes of these brands as they might fit your needs.

The main supermarkets are Bilka, Føtex, Kvickly, Meny and Superbrugsen However, in case you are interested in discounted stores look for Netto, Rema 1000, Fakta, Lidl, Kiwi, Aldi and Spar.

The international community in major Danish cities is on permanent rising. Hence, the offer of products for specific types of cuisine is also rising by the minute.

In case you are looking for a special ingredient from your home country or your are looking for that unique one to make an international dish, be sure to visit any of the many stores around downtown Aarhus, and other residential areas. Most of these are specialized in Middle Eastern/ Asian cuisine. However very often they offer a great variety of products from Southern Europe an even a selection from South American regions.

If interested in finding an extraordinary variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains among many other interesting things be sure to visit first Bazar Vest, located in Aarhus V. Many other places in the inner city will have a reduced variety, but always helpful as they might not be available in the normal supermarkets.

Denmark is a country that on daily basis works towards a more sustainable and organic way of living. Hence the offer and demand of products under this line is remarkably high compared to many other countries, reason why in case you are looking for specific products for you and/or your family, be sure that there will be plenty of places to find exactly what you need.

Around downtown Aarhus you will find shops specialized in natural products, which will offer from cosmetics, grains, flours and children food, to frozen options for vegetarians and vegans.

Other places available around the city will offer the costumers to buy products without any wrapping besides the container your bring.

Another great option to find some of the products you require will be to keep an eye on the local farmer markets that occur as often as every week around the city.

Nonetheless, and considering what stated initially many organic products, including fruits and vegetables, will be available in most of the supermarkets mentioned in the Supermarket tab, as well as in other stores such as Matas.

  • ‘Tilbudaviser’ are weekly magazines deliver at your post or email where you can find all the discounts running for that determined week in all the major supermarkets in Denmark. Most products in discount will vary from store to store, so in case you are looking to make a considerable saving every month we can recommend you to take a look at ’tilbudavis’ of every supermarket on weekly basis and shop accordingly.
  • Freezing ready-to-eat meals, as well as meats, bread, fruits and vegetables is a widely common practice in this country. Many will take advantage of the discounts just mentioned to buy for example the meat of the month when prices are low.
  • Rye-bread or ‘rugbrød’ will be by far one of the most eaten products in Denmark. Most of the children will have it as lunch or during other meals of the day. There are several types available for this product, so before rejecting the idea of including it in your family basket, be sure to give it a try to some mild ones like the ‘gullerød’ or ‘solsikke’, which are breads based on carrot or sunflower seeds.
  • A considerably high percentage of Danish families, shop on weekly basis. This might be due to the fact that products in Denmark, like the bread and the milk, have a very short life period due to the low percentage of preservatives. is meant to grow on permanent basis, meaning if there is any information you consider relevant to add, or any comments regarding the existing one, we would love to hear about it. So shoot us a message on our social media or an email at, we’ll be ready to answer.

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