Is there such a thing as Halloween in Denmark?

The easiest answer to this question is both yes and no.

As many internationals will begin to notice during this time of the year, it’s fair to say that Halloween isn’t among the most celebrated traditions in this country, specially when compared to other dates such as Easter and even Christmas. However, more and more shops, organizations and even the public itself has began to buy and sell more articles in order to get ready for this day.

Yet, no need to have a long face, on the contrary there is some additional information to know about the 31st of October in this country and what can you do to celebrate it.

Halloween vs Fastelavn

Denmark has the particularity of celebrating twice per year a day with costumes, candy and singing, both Halloween and Fastelavn. However, it has been the second one the one with a larger trajectory in this country, meaning people is more attached to the tradition of hitting a cat in a barrel than doing trick or treat around the different neighbourhoods of the city.

These two days might differ in names and undoubtedly in the traditions they were founded, nonetheless they both share the fact that are celebrations intended for children, loaded with high amounts of sugar and that allow everyone to leave aside their daily clothes and turn into the princesses or monsters they have dreamed to be for one day, or 2 in this case.

Nonetheless, while waiting until the celebration of Festelavn on February 11th, 2018, lets focus on how to celebrate that day full of pumpkins around here.

Activities during a Danish halloween

Considering that only few recent years ago, the major cities around the country have began to incorporate Halloween as a date on the calendar, it is still rare to find massive events to attend. But since we are in the ‘hygge’ land, these days are filled with cozy activities to enjoy with your family.

Pumpkin carving has undoubtedly become one of the most popular activities in Denmark and you will already find huge pumpkins ones being sold in every supermarket so both kids and adults can release their imagination and make some fun creations with them. Also due to the extensive demand and offer of the pumpkins, cooking has also become a nice way to celebrate this date and what a better thing than to be combined with the apple season of Denmark?

Yet if you are still interested in some trick or treat then cities as Aarhus and Copenhagen are slowly gearing up to give not only the international community but also some spirited Danes, the possibility of enjoying this day.

In Aarhus the main activity will happen at Tivoli Friheden from the 14th to the 22nd of October, but be sure that local libraries, schools and other organizations will make some arrangements for families too. In Copenhagen, Tivoli, Hard Rock Cafe and the American Embassy will also be the ones running the show around these dates.


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