LEGO House, a house for all

It could be accurate to say that most homes with children in Denmark and around the world have somewhere a box filled with LEGO, the colourful plastic bricks that for nearly 70 years have encouraged the imagination of children and adults alike.

In Denmark, more than it being just one more toy in your kids room, the LEGO bricks are a big part of the culture itself. Due to the fact that they were first created in the small town of Billund, most adult Danes today have seen this big empire grow side by side.

However, many would stop being engaged in the ‘construction’ of new worlds as soon as they stop being young or when their children grow out of them. But in order to re-invite the early users and to engage in new and modern ways the new players, the LEGO group has created a recreation and educational center that goes beyond any LEGO-fan dreams.

Home of the brick

In late 2017, the doors of the LEGO House in Billund opened its doors in order to welcome a wide range of generations to come in an enjoy a full day filled with imagination in this enormous center right where it was first created.

With over 25 million bricks around the ‘house‘, this place is a magical land where everyone can let loose their wildest creations as they have fun with incredible technologies and activities. And believe me when I say everyone can have fun, from the very expert architects, to early DUPLO users or others which are just encountering for the first time this assembling world.

According to its creators, the house offers its visitors an experience where playing and learning are merged together in order to strengthen very important competences in everyone’s life. The different spaces around the center enable people to use their creativity, stimulate their cognitive abilities, explore their emotions and lastly engage in social play.

When children play, they are having fun, experimenting, tinkering, messing around and making mistakes. In other words, they are learning.

But in my personal opinion, this shall be applied to us all, and the LEGO house is the perfect place to put this in practice.

The experience

As a family of four, with a 3yo and a baby, we can confirm we all had a fantastic day during our visit.

Our main recommendation will be to plan the full day in this place, because besides it being very big it has so many interesting activities that it is worth spending considerable time in each of them without rushing.

In the LEGO House visitors can enjoy many creative experiences both when buying the entrance ticket but also when coming by to enjoy the public spaces, such as the roof playgrounds located in the nine terraces of the building. And for food and snacks everyone can enjoy either a meal from one of their three fun restaurants or their own home snack packs in the designated area.

We heartedly invite everyone to visit this place as it will spark a light in that creative child we all sometimes carry silently.





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