Do not place Danish libraries in the box of quiet and isolated places. Learn more about these special places meant for the benefit of all citizens.

In Aarhus and surrounding areas you’ll not find a very broad amount of libraries ready to welcome every citizen and visitor, but you will actually find world’s best public library of 2016.

Main Library 

This magnificent building, in the harbour of Aarhus, was appointed as the Best Public Library in World in 2016. And the tittle is even little when it comes to all the wonderful services every single citizen and visitor of this city can access to when visiting Dokk1.

This library has been constructed under the thought that it should be more than that. It is a citizen center where everyone is welcome.

Inside Dokk1 you’ll find a great selection of books, the office of citizen services, a great cafe in the first floor, the auditoriums where extraordinary conferences and workshops take place, a significant number of offices of organizations such as International Community, Visit Aarhus and Aarhus 2017, and last but not least the most amazing place for families and children you can find in the city.

This area is in the floor 2 and 2.2 where a vast number of designated places for children, according to the age, are available on daily basis for the use of all families coming by. From special eating rooms, family toilets and several a soft play areas, this is a place that can’t be missed.

All municipalities in Denmark have their own local libraries. However, just like the case of the main one in Aarhus, this buildings aren’t meant just for books. All of these smaller libraries around the territory share the same mentality about welcoming everyone to enjoy everything offered in that particular location.

Remember that there is a big focus on families and children, reason why is always a good idea to be updated on the calendars of your local library.Most of the events offered will be free and they happen all year round.

Source: Aarhus Kommune Biblioteker
  • Dokk1 is introducing more and more activities for English speaking people. Reason why is great to keep an eye on the events that might interest you or your family.
  • Outside the main building there is a giant playground, open all year round and 24/7. It is important to note that the structures found in this area, like the eagle, the bear, the monkey and the dragon were designed in such a way that they are suitable for any age with the condition that the child can climb/jump/use it without the help of an adult. If the child can’t do it it might pose a risk.
  • In most of the Danish libraries is allowed to bring food and remember in Dokk1 there is a designated place for families and children as well as a big cafe.
  • Books and other material can be borrowed once you open an account at the library you choose. For this you’ll need to show an ID with photograph and your Danish identification card (CPR). is meant to grow on permanent basis, meaning if there is any information you consider relevant to add, or any comments regarding the existing one, we would love to hear about it. So shoot us a message on our social media or an email at, we’ll be ready to answer.

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