Learn about all the museums available around the city, specifically those oriented to children and family residing or visiting the area.

Aarhus, despite being a small city compared to many others worldwide, has being able to position itself among those with an extraordinary offer of art and culture institutions and experiences.

Den Gamle By – The Old Town Museum

This magnificent open air museum offers its visitors the opportunity to experience first hand the Danish lifestyle during the old days. During the visit people can feel, smell, try and even taste some of the most traditional elements of this particular culture.

It is without a doubt a ‘must visit’  for families with children, as this place offers a great variety of activities for them.

Even though Christmas is perhaps one of the most special times of the year to visit this museum, as it enables visitors to explore this tradition over the centuries, it is a place that it is highly recommended to visit all year round. Read more about it here.

Moesgaard Museum

If you and your family love the Viking ancestors of these territories, then this is the right place for you. This breathtaking museum enables its visitors to explore different prehistorical stages of humanity in a very dynamic manner.

This brand new attraction in the city of Aarhus, not only offers all the great services of a top museum but it also allows the explorers to enjoy one of the most spectaculars settings of this area. The area of Moesgaard has the magical mixture of a breathtaking beach with an indescribable deepness of the forest. Read more about it here.


Aros Museum

Even though its characterized by ongoing modern art expositions, as well as its permanent collection of Danish art, it is a place that invites all the family to get in touch with all the senses.

This world-class museum is perhaps one of the most iconic highlight of the city of Aarhus. Don’t miss the chance to visit this innovative building and off course take the opportunity to visit the extraordinary roof-top rainbow. Read more about it here.

Natural History Museum

By far one of the most family friendly attractions of the city of Aarhus. The Natural History Museum, located in the wonderful park of Aarhus University, invites everyone to explore the myriad of life.

Visit this museum and get close to all the animals that have walked around this earth as you learn about the different ecosystems that have allowed their existence in this earth. Read more about it here.

Source: Natural History Museum Aarhus

The Steno Museum

Both children and adults can have the opportunity to learn some of the most interesting facts about the universe in this museum. Its interactive exhibitions enable the visitors to explore the magnificent developments done in science and medicine.

However, there is also a wonderful offer for those interested in astronomy. The Steno museum has a planetarium and a space called Magic Planet, which allows its visitors to learn everything about the solar systems, the starts, other planets and even black holes. Read more about it here.

Source: The Science Museums Aarhus

The great variety of experiences available in this city does not stop with the main attractions, on the contrary visitors can access many other museums with extraordinary expositions such as the Women Museum (Kvindemuseet), The Viking Museum, The Occupation Museum, The Museum of Ancient Art, Gellerup Museum and The Scouts and Guides Museum.

  • It is very common to find significant offers and discounts in many of the museums mentioned. When buying your tickets it’s always good to ask if there are reduced prices for students, children, seniors or groups. Most of the times, children under 18 years old are free.
  • Many will offer season or year passes, which in case you are staying for a long period are worth considering since many times two entrances will pay for a full year of unlimited visits. Family passes will be available in some of these, so be sure to always ask about further information when making any purchase. is meant to grow on permanent basis, meaning if there is any information you consider relevant to add, or any comments regarding the existing one, we would love to hear about it. So shoot us a message on our social media or an email at, we’ll be ready to answer.

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