Økodag: let the cows be free

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After the long, cold and dark winter all organic cows in Denmark get to be out of their cowsheds for the very first time in months. Approximately 80 organic farms in the country join together for this national event so that everyone can assist and witness the spectacle given by the cheerful cows that run around as they see the green pasture once again.

The event

This national event happens this year on the 15th of April from 10:00am to 2:00pm in selected farms along the entire territory. As stated in the official site of the Økodag (Organic Day) this occasion “is much more than the cows celebrating spring; through the years, it has become a day for the Danes to also celebrate spring. It is the biggest national organic event, currently attracting close to 250,000 Danes”. And it is indeed a remarkable day in this country, considering the high relevance organic produce has in the daily life of the residents of this country.

The Økodag aims at all visitors to have a memorable experience as they learn and have a great day together. The activities planned for this day are targeted at expanding the knowledge regarding organic farming, the products, its benefits and much more.

Plan your visit

Go to www.økodag.dk and find the nearest farm close to your location on the map at the top-right corner.
Read about the details of this farm, plan your route and have a good time with all your family.

Additional to the cows show, visitors will also be able to enjoy some other planned activities for the entire family such as:

  • Scout activities
  • Hopping cows for children
  • Tasting of different Arla products
  • Interaction with the farmers and the cows
  • Sit on a tractor or try to milk a cow, among many others.

Food and beverages can be purchased at this places. Just remember good shoes, such as rubber boots and warm clothing! It is still pretty windy around this time.

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