Aarhus is without a doubt a perfect scenario for family attractions and parks. Find your favourite one as you visit them all!

From peaceful open spaces, a park full of wild deers or the longest rollercoaster in Denmark, visitors and residents of this area have a wonderful range of opportunities to enjoy everyday with their families.

Marselisborg Palace and Mindeparken  

This location is a breathtaking highlight of the city as it offers its visitors the opportunity to visit the summer and Christmas palace of the Danish Royal Family, Marselisborg Slot, at the time it enables families and individuals to enjoy the wonderful gardens and free areas surrounding it.

Walking towards the harbour, visitors will find Mindeparken, perhaps the biggest playground found in the Aarhus area. Right next to it, the fitness lovers can find several open air training machines that can be used for free.

Deer Park

Located in the southern area of the city of Aarhus, this natural park offers an amazing experience to its visitors as they enjoy every minute in the 22 hectares that covers it, surrounded not only by wonderful nature but also by a great number of wild animals as deers and wild boars.

It is the perfect place to enjoy of a picnic, a walk, a stroll or simply a family time out. Read this guide to learn more about the recommendations given when visiting the park (in Danish) or the Good to Know advises in the following tab.

Botanical Garden and Green Houses 

One could call this exceptional highlight of the city: Aarhus ‘Central Park’. Located in a hilly area and close to Aarhus downtown, the botanical gardens are an absolute wonder for those who enjoy jogging, walking the dog, a picnic in summer or simply tumbling in the green carpet this park has to offer.

Along its extension there is a small stream that creates 3 little lakes, perfect to visit the ducks. At the end line of it towards the city, the visitor will find the Green Houses, a free attraction in the city of Aarhus that invites to explore the wonderful ecosystems found in the tropical regions of the planet.

Source: The Science Museums Aarhus

Aarhus University Park

Located in the heart of the campus of the largest university in this region, this park offers a wonderful scenario to walk or stroll around, while enjoying a unique view of immense trees, lakes and the iconic buildings of this academic institution.

In the center of the park there is a playground for small children and their families, making it a perfect pitstop before going downtown from the northern part of the city.

Risskov (Forest)

The thick vegetation, the tall tree roof and an espectacular view over the bay of Aarhus makes this forest a very popular destination for visitors and residents of the area.

It is the favourite track for runners, dog owners and families with children ready to explore the magic of the forest.


Denmark is the land of LEGO, hence this list shall begin with the most emblematic park of the region.

Legoland, located in Billund, brings alive all those characters, structures and stories that children have used and created over decades. This theme park welcomes children and adults of all ages, as it offers a great variety of activities specific for each group of age. Read all the information you need to plan your visit here.

Source: Legoland Billund /

Tivoli Friheden 

With a history of more than 100 years, this theme park, located deep inside the woods of southern Aarhus, offers its visitors the magic that characterizes the world of Tivoli.

Although smaller in size than the original and second oldest theme park in world, located in Copenhagen, this is a great destination for those that enjoy a day surrounded by arcade games, nature and laughter. Read all the information you need to plan your visit here.

Source: Tivoli Friheden

Djurs Sommerland

This amusement park is Scandinavia’s largest summer land. Located 1 hour north from the center of Aarhus, this is an destination highly recommended to families that love to spend a day (or more) between fast and high rides, a water park and games in the woods.

With 8 themes, Djurs Sommerland offers an amazing variety of attractions to all type of interests. Visitors will find themselves submerged in the Viking, Mexican, Western, Pirate, Farm, Summer and Water Lands.  Read all the information you need to plan your visit here.

Source: Djurs Sommerland

Ree Park 

This Safari park, located in Ebeltoft, one hour east from Aarhus, offers its visitors a wonderful wild experience while admiring different representative species from all the continents of the world.

It is undoubtedly another wonderful destination for families. Among the many different activities organized during their opening hours, visitors will have the opportunity to go on a safari, ride a camel or simply enjoy a picnic on a sunny day. Read all the information you need to plan your visit here.

Source: Ree Park

Randers Tropical Zoo 

This is one of the few attractions in Denmark that will be open all year round. Due to its amazing structure, it offers its visitors the possibility of experiencing the tropical weather despite the climatic conditions outside, plus you get to meet all the animals living under those specific ecosystems around the world.

Once you enter, you get transported into a very unique world. The atmosphere will vary according to the region of the earth you are visiting, Asia, Africa or South America. It is a full day experience for the entire family. Read all you need to plan your visit here.

Source: Instagram Account @randersregnskov

Kattegatcenter (aquarium)

Located in the Grenaa harbour, a one-hour drive east from Aarhus, this aquarium assures the experiences for its visitors go beyond any type of expectations.

From diving with sharks, feeding fishes or learning about the oceans, this place offers a massive amount of options for the interests of every single visitor. Don’t miss the chance to visit a place that is highly recommended by those that had the opportunity to see it with their own eyes. Read all the information you need to plan your visit here.

Source: Instagram account @kattegatcentret_bidtafhavet

Public Parks

  • When the Royal Family is residing at the Marselisborg palace the nearby gardens are close to the public, nonetheless visitors can appreciate the change of guard every day at noon.
  • Jogging, bicycles and pets are forbidden inside the deer park. Be sure to bring all all food and drink you need since there are no purchasing options nearby. The deers shall only be feed with apples and carrots.
  • The Green Houses at the botanical garden are one of the best FREE attractions in the city of Aarhus. A nice café is available indoor, but there is also place for those bringing lunch from home in the second floor.
  • Most of these attractions offer free guided tours. Be sure to check their websites to find rules and conditions.

Theme Parks 

  • Note that most of the amusement parks are closed during the cold seasons, reason why is very important for you to check their calendars in each of their websites to plan your visit accordingly.
  • It is very common to find significant offers and discounts in many of the museums mentioned. When buying your tickets it’s always good to ask if there are reduced prices for students, children, seniors or groups. Most of the times, children under 2 or 3 years old are free.
  • Many will offer season or year passes, which in case you are staying for a long period are worth considering since many times two entrances will pay for a full year of unlimited visits. Family passes will be available in some of these, so be sure to always ask about further information when making any purchase.
  • Before the beginning of the opening season many of these parks will make offers in supermarkets, banks or individual products. Many of these will pay for the entrances of some family members, so be sure to keep and eye as it will save you some money. is meant to grow on permanent basis, meaning if there is any information you consider relevant to add, or any comments regarding the existing one, we would love to hear about it. So shoot us a message on our social media or an email at, we’ll be ready to answer.

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