Aarhus municipality offers it’s families great educational options, learn all about them here.

In Denmark it is mandatory that all children between the ages of 6 and 16 years old are enrolled in an educational institution. There are some different options you should be aware off when researching about the right place to enrol your child/children.

Most of the institutions are run by the municipality, however there are also plenty of  private options available, allowing you to find an institution that fits to your personal/family’s preferences.

Many families coming to Denmark choose this type of education as it offers very specific educational programs.

In the Aarhus area, families interested in these options will be able to choose among:

The first two options develop the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) programs, while the last one focuses on the English language from first grade, German on the third and French on the fifth grade.

Notice that AAGE and Interskole offer education until children are around 15 years old (9th grade). According to the Danish educational scheme, children shall then begin upper secondary education in different institutions. This level will happen when they are between 16 to 19 years old. Langkaer will be one of this type of institutions, called ‘gymnasium’.

Read more about the danish school system in the tab of Related Links.

According to The Department for Children and Young People, the educational system in Denmark has a holistic approach to all children and young people, which ‘aims to ensure a coherent life for them, from birth to completion of their general or vocational upper secondary education’.

It is recommended for parents to get acquainted with the Danish School system, before enrolling your children in a particular institution. Be sure to read all the different resources, available on the Related Links tabs, to have an encompassing comprehension of this important area in your family setting.

Note that the school levels might differ from those at your country of origen, as well as the grading system.

As a general overview:

Denmarks grading scale is -3, 0, 2, 4, 7, 10, 12.

Primary and Lower Secondary Education, ‘Folkeskole, go from class 0 to 9/10.

Upper Secondary Education, ‘Gymnasium’, goes from class 10 to 12.

You can find both private and public institutions for both of the options mentioned above.

  • Families arriving with children between ages of 6 and 17 years old can request a service aimed to introduce your children to the school system in Denmark, in case your child does not have the sufficient Danish skills to attend regular school classes. Check the resources provided in Related Links for more information.
  • Upper secondary education in Denmark offers two tracks for students, there is the general education that will enable the students to access higher/university level education, while the second one focuses on technical education aiming at giving the students the required skills and tools to enter the labor market after finishing their studies.
  • In case the families are looking for private education, it is recommended to research in advance if such institutions have waiting lists and their admission processes. The public system will guarantee a seat for your child. is meant to grow on permanent basis, meaning if there is any information you consider relevant to add, or any comments regarding the existing one, we would love to hear about it. So shoot us a message on our social media or an email at, we’ll be ready to answer.

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