Short guide to Letbanen

After a couple of years of constructions, loud noises, closed roads and altered traffic, (it seems like) the light tram of Aarhus – Letbanen is ready to open its doors for all the eager passengers of the city.

The following information is a summary of important things you might want to keep in mind when using the new public transportation system in this city.

Initial normal route

The first normal route will be open from Aarhus H to AU Hospital. The Letbanen will be running four times every hour and it is expected that this route has up to eight trams coming per hour.

These are the official stops of the Letbanen on this first stage.

The routes towards Odder and Lisbjerg were expected to be opened on November 2017, while those going towards Lystryp and Grenaa are expected to be finalized on the fall of 2018.

Practical Information

  • The tickets for the Letbanen are the same used for normal city and regional buses. Read more about tickets here.
  • Prams and strollers are allowed with no additional fee. Capacity inside the wagons might differ from those of the buses.
  • Normal bicycles are permitted, should be placed in the marked spaces and require a bicycle ticket (equivalent to a 2 zones ticket for an adult). They are restricted between the stops Skolebakken and AU Hospital Skejby between the rush hours 7.00 – 9.00 and 15.00 to 17.00. Foldable bicycles are always allowed and follow the rules of luggage.
  • At the track be sure to wait behind the dark grey line. Once the tram arrives let passengers leave before coming in and in case there’s no one getting off press the arrows on the door to open them. In case you need some additional time be sure to press the blue mark.
  • Just like buses in the city the Letbanen offers free Wifi for its passengers.
  • Find all the other information about this service in their official website in Danish or in English (with some content restriction).


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