The ‘børnedage’ in Aarhus have returned

The amazing initiative, Børnedage, created as part of the program of events for the celebration of European Capital of Culture 2017 is about to start once again in the city of Aarhus.

These ‘Children’s days’, an initiative that aims to bring children from ages 0 to 8 years old closer to arts and culture, are the result of a great collaboration between Aarhus Municipality,  the Department of Children and Youth, Børnekulissen, ULF and the library Dokk1.

What are the ‘Børnedage’?

They are cultural activities where children can take part of. Whether you are a stay at home parent, a working parent, a grandparent, if you are working at a daycare, kindergarden or a school these activities are for you and the children around you.

The activities are planned from April to December of 2018 (the calendar has already specific activities until June) and occur during different days of the week. Along these dates children can enjoy different kinds of activities including but not limited to music, theater, arts, creative workshops, culture and dancing. These activities give the children the opportunity to have different experiences and become more creative an innovative.

How can you participate?

To know what kind of activities are available and the appropriate age of the participants, you can check the Børnedage official webpage. Once you have found the event you would like to attend you can check the availability on this new page where reservations are done. At this page you can also easily see a list with all the upcoming events, the duration, where is it taking place, which activities are fully booked, which events you don’t need to book and when will the new dates be open.

How:  Remember you need to sign up and get tickets (free) for both, children and adults, unless specified. We recommend you to come at least an hour before in order to be sure you get in.

How long: Activities vary between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours, depending on the activity.

Who: Children between 0-8 years/ dagtilbud institutions (daycares, dagpleje, kindergardens)/ Schools / Danish, international and multicultural families with children

Where: Most of the activities will take place either at Dokk1 or Musikhuset, but check each activity as this may vary. Specific place will be specified on the website.

How much: FREE!!

Additional information

The registration has just opened on March and just like it was during last year, it has been a success with some activities already sold out.

If you are interested on a special activity, we recommend you to be ready on your computer or phone a bit before 10:00 am, that is the time the booking opens. Some activities are very popular and get sold out within a few minutes.

It was estimated that at the end of 2017 , around 7 000 – 8 000 people had interaction with culture and arts thanks to these activities.


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