The viking moot in Aarhus celebrates 40 years

Right after The Little Mermaid, the first thing one might think in relationship with Denmark is the trace left by one of the most fearless group of men the world history ever knew: the Vikings.

This civilization that ruled over these Nordic lands somewhere between the 790s and the 1060s left a permanent signature not only in the books of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland specifically, but also in many others worldwide. They marked the world with a very unique period characterized by their specific rural and urban settlements, crafts and production, their military equipment and ships, their trading skills and their religious artefacts and some other practices, mostly related with their war skills.

On July 29th and 30th of 2017 the residents of Aarhus and its surroundings will be able to experience one of the most vividly representations of this Viking Age of the Scandinavian history at the Moesgaard Viking Moot, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary.

General Information

When: July 29th and 30th of 2017 from 10am to 5 pm.

Where: Moesgaard Strand – Strandskovvej 2, 8270 Højbjerg, 8270 Aarhus, Denmark

The Moot: Happens both days at 12:00pm and 3:00pm.

Weekend Price: Adults 140DKK // Children under 17 for free
Special prices for groups over 20 adults and members of the Moesgaard Club.
All inclusive price, including Friday’s big opening 210DKK

(You can buy tickets here or at the entrance of the event. Just be sure to bring cash and/or Dankort)


  • Food can be purchased at the festival, but be sure to bring your own in case you need something special, as this isn’t particularly and event for vegetarians and/or with special food restrictions.
  • Bring shoes and clothes for the occasion.  Considering it is in the middle of the forest with a beach just some meters away you might want to plan accordingly. A jacket will also be a good idea as the Danish summer can give you surprises any time.
  • Although it is a very family friendly event, we recommend you not to bring pram or strollers if possible.
  • Be aware of transportation restrictions. It is possible to get there by car and by public transportations, nonetheless during the past years it has been demonstrated that there is still room for improvement. Long queues and delayed buses will be normal, so plan accordingly.

Much more than just a viking fair

Every year, in the southern part of the city of Aarhus, Denmark a Viking moot takes place in late July as a traditional celebration of Saint Olaf’s Day. A feast that remembers Olaf II Haraldsson, who was lately known as the Perpetual King of Norway and who was canonised one year after his death in the Battle of Stiklestad on July 29th of 1030. In the old times of Aros, now known as Aarhus, this was a fair day where all the inhabitants of the region trade their products in the market.

This magnificent event in the area of Moesgaard bring together more than 1500 viking warriors, horse riders; and crafts and tradesmen from all over the world that meet up for a period of one week to recreate the days that characterized those lived by the original generations of this particular civilization.

A participant [viking] family described the moot organized by Moesgaard as “by far the best one [they] have ever gone to. The beach and the forest are next to each other, which makes the perfect scenario for [these] viking days and the battle in itself”.

What to expect during the celebration of their 40th anniversary 

The assistants to this event shall be prepared to be transported to a time in history as never seen before. The hundreds of ‘viking’ families participating in this event have recreated every single detail allowing the spectators to breath the same air the Scandinavian vikings did more than a thousand years ago.

Around this extensive area, located by the Moesgaard beach, you’ll be able to see hundreds of tents of families living under the same conditions they did in the past at the time you enjoy the astonishing market that offers a immense variety of unique handmade items produced by the craftsmen, including iron, wood, leather, silver, wool, amber, glass and willow items among many others.

Additionally to the 2 day experience at this viking festival in the middle of the forest, the public will have the chance to participate in a special event on Friday July 28th where these incredible 40 years of trajectory will be celebrated over the roof. Note that a special ticket shall be purchased for this here.

It is worth mentioning that ever since the Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus became the official organizer of this event a greater control has been put on the authenticity of the experience as a whole. Hence it is without a doubt a must see during this summer in the city.

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