To the old and new readers of My Danish Family

If you have landed for the very first time on this website or if you have just come across a couple of times with it, let me give you a warm welcome to my life as an expat mother living in Denmark. To those who have been following my journey for some time or even years, please let me thank you immensely for continuing doing so. It has been that support from every family, expat workers, mothers from all over the world that has given me the strength to continue building what My Danish Family is today.

In late 2016 I took the decision to leave aside the comfortness of a full-time job in order to build up not only a company but also a community that enabled all the international parents to find the necessary resources in order to settle their households and family lifestyles as fast as possible, in this country they had chosen as their new home.

In that quest, I put a huge effort on creating several services that I believed would be of tremendous help for both the new comers and the ones already settled here. However, due to the fact that entrepreneurship is a journey of trail and error, these initiatives such as The Family Club, the family calendar and the newsletter had to be put on hold. There were simply not enough hands to keep them all running.

During the last few weeks My Danish Family’s website and social media channels were also put in a slow pace. The reason: an unstoppable urge of planning, focus and reinvention, leading me to finally decide to put all efforts towards a single goal.

My Danish Family has evolved into a structured company offering consulting services to businesses and larger companies in Denmark that develop international recruitment or who work with global mobility programs. The main purpose is to assist the newly arrived employees and their accompanying family members finding all what’s needed to adapt into Danish society. Nonetheless, and considering the early purposes of this personal project, I will continue providing a wide range of local knowledge to all my readers through this blog that has been reopened, as well as through the Facebook Page and the Instagram profile.

The topics I will write about will be varied from life with small children, to motherhood, resources, products, places and more. As a Colombian mom of a 2.5 year old girl and soon mother to-be of our first boy, I’ll be all out and about with activities, events, tips, recommendations and more.

Please always feel welcome to write me or let me know about things that concern you, topics you are curious about or simply just to say hi. I’ll do my absolute best to try to find the best information about it.

I’m looking so much forward to continue this project.


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