Top destinations in Denmark for the entire family

Easter holidays, summer holidays and endless sunny and wonderful weekends are just around the corner. And which other could be a better motive in order to plan the next trip with the entire family?

The following are some recommended and extraordinary destinations in Denmark that welcome all the members of your household. Despite the size of the country, there are many interesting travelling destinations available to those that have decided to postpone a trip abroad. Be sure to check them all, and don’t miss the chance to visit one of these Danish gems during the coming season.


This place is locally known as the ‘Sunshine Island’ of Denmark, which we believe can give you a good idea about its charm. Located in the south coast of Sweden, in the Baltic sea, this island offers its visitors the most wonderful compilation of experiences for the entire family. From the ruins of a medieval fortication, majestic beaches and forests and several small cities that look like taken out of the movies, this destination assures you a one of a kind holidays with your loved ones.

The island is accessible by ferry from the city of Ystad in Sweden or by plane, from Copenhagen and other airports like Billund, during specific times of the year.

To learn all about the highlights and other practical information before planning a trip to this destination we recommend you to visit the official website Destination Bornholm. And in case the trip involves small children be sure to read this suggested itinerary for a family in the island or this wonderful e-book guide from Ella Bellas Eventyr (this one in Danish).

Djursland, Mols Bjerg National Park and Ebeltoft

If you are and your family are into nature and sightseeing, this might be a wonderful location to do so. The ruins of the Kalø Castle, the long beaches and other historical scenarios make this destination a wonderful place to visit for adults and children.  However, due to the extension of this territory, you might be able to find as well many other attractions that might appeal to certain family members such as Fregatten, Ree Park, Scandinavian Animal Park, Kattegat Center and the Munkholm Zoo.

Be sure to check the official websites of Visit Djursland and the Mols Bjerg National Park to get all the information needed before you head towards this region. And if your Danish allows it, check as well another thoughtful e-book guide from Ella Bellas Eventyr for this particular destination.

Esbjerg, Fanø and Ribe

Located in the south western part of the country, this area offers its visitors a wonderful and encompassing experience. Besides from all the various activities that can be plan during this trip, the explorers of this area will be able  to visit the large art sculpture of “Man meets the sea”, walk down the streets of the oldest and best preserved city in Denmark and finally take a ferry to visit one of the largest beaches in the country, specially visited during summer by children, families and all those interested in wind and water sports.

Considering this area is also located very close to the famous Lego Resort in Billund, families travelling to this destination might be tempted to visit one of the most iconic theme parks in Denmark: Legoland.

Check the official websites of Visit Esbjerg, Visit Fanø and Visit Ribe for getting all the information required to plan the next holidays to this destination.

Source: Visit Esbjerg

Copenhagen and Aarhus

The capital city of Denmark and it’s second largest city will always be a great destination for those living in other areas of the country. Each of them has very particular characteristics, however both of these destinations are by far some of the most welcoming cities for families and children you’ll find around, due to the high amount of activities occurring on daily basis.

From countless museums for all type of interests, the oldest amusement parks of the world and large areas of wild animals where visitors can interact with, these cities are amazing locations to spend some days during the sunny season in Denmark.

Browse around their official websites to find which suits the most to the interest of your family, any choice will for sure bring lot of memorable days to everyone visiting. Some of the websites we recommend include our sections of museums and parks in Aarhus, Visit Aarhus, Aarhus 2017 and Visit Copenhagen.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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