Welcome to Denmark, now lets make new friends!

The second semester of the year is a very active one in the biggest cities of Denmark, such as Copenhagen and Aarhus. This is mostly due to the massive arrival of students ready to begin a new year in the different institutions of higher education . However, and unsurprisingly, this tendency happens not only among the young population, but also among the working class. International employees, families and other individuals pack their bags to begin a new journey in Denmark during these months.

However, as it is everywhere else in the world, it takes sometime before you find yourself new groups of friends, organizations to join or simply to rebuilt that network you left behind in your last location. But, thankfully technology and social media has given the new generations the opportunity to skip many of the steps required before to meet new people, by creating online groups and linking and connecting a lot of different people with the same interests.

Find your niche

Before despairing and letting yourself fall in the tendency of feeling isolated and lonely while beginning your journey in this country, I suggest you to set your mind in a positive state and be ready to meet your future friends. And sure starting to make new friends, joining groups and simply begin conversations isn’t the easiest for many, specially when you haven’t done it so actively before.

Therefore Facebook will be perhaps the best place for you to do some initial browsing regarding the things you are looking when moving to Denmark. And even when you are not much of a fan, when it comes to join public or even closed groups, over these years I have found that they are actually an endless source of resources. Denmark has a very active and helpful international online community ready to assist you when you most need it.

Start somewhere

The key to begin finding all the possible groups will be to join some of the big groups such as Internationals in Aarhus or Expats in Copenhagen for later on start learning about the different subgroups that pop from these ones. Don’t be shy when asking about other groups of people which meet for determined purposes, there will be always someone ready to reply back and point you the right way. The following are some categories that will give you an idea of where to start, just remember to be active!

By location

For Parents

Specific Interests


In case you have more groups or organizations to add, feel free to contact me on My Danish Family’s Facebook Page, Instagram or by email at contact@mydanishfamily.dk. As said here, the international community is there to help other people out, so the more resources we share the better for everyone!

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