The Company

My Danish Family is a self-owned company which aims for every family living in Aarhus and its surrounding areas to have all the necessary tools availible to enjoy everyday in this region of Denmark.

This website is one of the branches of our company, and its purpose is to provide all the information required about the daily living as a family in this Nordic country. Our different categories and articles range from the basic knowledge of the day to day activities in the city to the challenges of raising a family abroad and more.

Additionally, My Danish Family offers soft landing solutions to companies that on a daily basis recruit international talent to Denmark. We assist them throughout the process, from the initial recruiting stage until the adaptation of the accompanying family in Danish society. To learn more about the different packages please check the For Companies section or contact us at

The Family

As multicultural as we can be, we have a bit of Colombia, Italy, Sweden and Denmark in our home.

I came from Bogotá, Colombia to Aarhus in order to finish my studies in Journalism. However, life had better plans for me as I became the wife of my wonderful husband and permanent collaborator in 2014, and the mother of our wonderful 2 year-old daughter in 2015. However, after trying to go back to my studies and later on working full time in a Danish company, I realized that the best way to fulfil one’s life is to pursue those passions that makes you happy.

With My Danish Family I joined those elements that move me on a daily basis and that construct the person I am today: writing, helping others and motherhood.  I expect that through the knowledge, tips and recommendations shared in this website many others can access many services that can make your daily lives a bit easier and even happier.

We believe in multiculturality, we believe in globalization and we believe that families and individuals are happier the more they learn about others and share their own knowledge to make stronger communities.

On daily basis we believe that this encompassing community we have created will bring better and happier days to everyone involved. May it be a Danish Family, and international one or a multicultural household, we are absolutely certain that we will all benefit from what we can teach to each other.

Welcome to My Danish Family, let’s enjoy our days together!

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